which represents.

the obligation to society you have.

The Moon represents the inner self. 2).


Thank you sorry I missed the other one I&39;m a Libra sun in 6th house, Taurus rising & Pisces moon in 11th house I have Neptune & Uranus conjunct my MC.

. Darakaraka in 11th house. It also denotes your achievement, financial advantage, and assistance from your social.

your d10 the samsara which is one of the.

Mars in 10th house also helps in executing task force type of. This position of the Moon indicates an emotional need for a feeling of belonging with, and support from, friends and associations with groups. .

Moon in second house Moon in 2nd house of Navamsa. comLink to my astrology school httpskrschannel.

Tenth house.

The house shows if the person.

22 May 2023 191807. May 22, 2023 RT shawtyastrology if you have the following birth chart placements - moon in the 1st house - moon in the 3rd house - moon in the 4th house - moon in the 7th house - moon in the 11th house you might be VERY good at reading and picking up peoples energy.

. Eleventh-house suns don&39;t always have a high comfort level in groups, but they always have a drive to be influential.

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If your 4 th house have Unafflicted and strong Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Its very good for your image and Reputation In your work-place.


But before analysing the dasamsa it must be checked if the same is applicable in birth chart and navamsa.

If the D10 Lagna Lord is installed in the 9th house. The Moon in the 11th house directs your emotions toward others or the general public. The condition of the 10th house in the D-9 chart has an influence on your career.

22 May 2023 191807. Your spouse will help you in your career after your marriage. Moon in Eleventh House Vedic Astrology. Darakaraka in 11th house. Moon in fourth house Moon in 4th house of Navamsa. comLink to my astrology school httpskrschannel.

Tenth house shows status, success, work.

Oct 3, 2020 Darakaraka in 10th house Your spouse will be a career-oriented person or goal-oriented person or work alcoholic person. your d10 the samsara which is one of the.

Mercury in the 10th House of the D10 Chart.



These houses will tell us that what well do for earning and how.

A well placed Rahu in 11th house shows huge fame, success and gains from career.