If its too thick, itll be as opaque as any metallic mineral.

Has moderate to high relief in thin section.

. Non-opaque minerals transmit at least some or all of the light entering them.


The first two chapters cover the design and operation of the ore microscope and the preparation of polished (and polished thin) sections.

This translation of the completely revised and updated German second edition (by Leonore Hoke, Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, New Zealand) provides a comprehensive guide to identifying 140 of the most. Fe-rich chromite is typically opaque at full thin section thickness, but is transparent dark-brown along thin edges. .

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Abstract. Dispersion Dispersion refers to the way that different colors of light are. .

The mineral constituents, as well as their respective modal estimations, are presented in Table 1. It contains clear nepheline, brown augite crystals, and an opaque mineral.


Thin-section characteristics Form commonly as finely distributed and dis&173; seminated dusty grains or as irregular and amor&173; phous masses.

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This approach involves looking at multiple grains of each mineral and changing back and forth between plane polarized (PP) and crossed polarized (XP) light. Like leucitites, these are rare rocks, and most are volcanic or hypabyssal.

Figure 4.
Sometimes we need an interference figure.
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Figure 4.

Resembles muscovite but has smaller 2V and darker color.

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7 Identifying Minerals and Mineral Properties in Thin Section This page titled 5 Optical Mineralogy is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA 4. Common opaque minerals are graphite, oxides such as magnetite or ilmenite, and sulfides such as pyrite. . . Like every other metallic mineral, pyrite is just opaque and black in thin section.

HabitForm Crystals are usually stubby prisms elongate along the c axis.

Nephelenites are rocks that contain abundant nepheline and small amounts of feldspars. 7.




Download scientific diagram Thin section including 1-Smithsonite 2-Sericite 3-Mica 4-Quartz 5-Opaque minerals.

The images are from different areas, some of which are just specified.